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Heavenly Deception Part 2

“And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5

It had been several years since Keva mused at the sky. As a freshman in High School she would spend her free time at the library, for no reason but to have a place to hang out. She had rebelled against reading books years ago. Her mother would not allow her to watch T.V. until she spent three hours reading a book. She spent those hours sitting on the floor, and blowing the dust under her bed imagining the rolling dust as waves in a torrent sea.Young woman wind blowing dark hair. A chain with a key on it to unlock faith.

On this particular day, a book on death grabbed her interest. The author made death sound romantic and even desirable. She pushed her thick dark hair from off her left eye to take a closer look. The words fascinated her and she recalled a conversation of years gone by she had with her mother.

“Is grandmama going to die?” Keva asked her mom. It was better to ask about another person than to admit she was afraid to die.

“We are all going to die.” Was her mother’s simple reply.

But now this book she held was beckoning her to know more and embrace death. The darkness allured her. At first, the darkness was inviting like heaven on earth. In time the darkness became disturbing and demanding.

Not long after Keva’s encounter with the book on death. Her librarian handed her a book. “This is yours to keep.” And walked away to continue her work.

It’s cover was black, worn and soft. A blotted-out name was in the first page. She closed it and looked at the simple two-word title, Holy Bible.

Devotional Thoughts Faith Living

Our Lord reaches out to you where you are. Even when He is far from your thoughts.

“For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:6

Keva still has no idea of this truth, yet you can already see how God is working in her life. Sure, God testifies of Himself in creation but His word is essential if she is to have faith in the one true God.

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things of things which do appear.” Hebrews 11:3

Keva has a choice with her Bible in hand. As you have a choice today. God has answers, no matter where you are in your walk of faith. Answers from His perspective to grant you peace and deliverance.


In His hands,
Ann Marie Moore

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