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Her obscure past leads her to a promising future.

Grace Allison led a content childhood with Nana Abigail in Brooks Village. She had an obscure past and many rumored that she was an illegitimate child. This fueled her anger against one of the village boys. Eventually her anger turned to love for the handsome young man that had been a thorn in her flesh. Soon she discovers her real identity, and now she must choose between her love for the young man or her destiny.

She is running from love to make others happy.

Galina Tyndale’s world is shaken by her best friend Clara Gahl’s dying request, “Marry Robert when I die.” Galina could not see herself married to Clara’s husband and thus appointed herself as Roberts matchmaker after Clara’s death. With each matchmaking attempt Galina finds Clara’s request haunting her and her fear growing. She had to succeed because falling in love with Robert was not an option.

She seeks to know God and finds unexpected love.

Elise Burrows seeks a promising future at Constance University. But she is forced to change her loose lifestyle because of Professor Deshí Wilson’s influence. When she realizes the devastating effect he has on her she to turns to Jesus instead. God shows her the greatest love of all and the secret love she has for Professor Wilson.un