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Glorious Marriage Life

“For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.” Ephesians 5:21

What a blessed sight to behold when you see our Lord’s salvation as a Marriage covenant between God and man!Blond woman in thought over marriage life with God.

Looking into this wonderful mystery has given me the desire to love my own earthly husband more. My physical marriage is but a shadow of the incredible marriage with our Lord Jesus. Yet, by God’s grace, I have purposed to experience my union with my earthly husband to the fullest. And by doing so, I have discovered many beautiful experiences, even after over 26 years of marriage! Much of which opens my eyes to my Lord’s love.

And to think of the amazing bliss of an eternal Spiritual union with Christ! In a physical union, it is till death do us part. In a spiritual union, it is death that unites us. Our Lord’s blood sacrifice and death and my willingness to die to self and receive all He is. It makes way for an incredible marriage in His beloved church.

This week I want to share Spurgeon’s Sunday Morning devotional for July 22 as he did an excellent job in getting us to see salvation as a marriage life. And when you grasp the beauty of this incredible marriage your own life will never be the same nor the lives of those God has called you to serve.




“I am married unto you.” –Jeremiah 3:14 

Christ Jesus is joined unto His people in marriage-union.

In love He espoused His Church as a chaste virgin, long before she fell under the yoke of bondage. Full of burning affection He toiled, like Jacob for Rachel, until the whole of her purchase-money had been paid, and now, having sought her by His Spirit, and brought her to know and love Him, He awaits the glorious hour when their mutual bliss shall be consummated at the marriage-supper of the Lamb.

Not yet hath the glorious Bridegroom presented His betrothed, perfected and complete, before the Majesty of heaven; not yet hath she actually entered upon the enjoyment of her dignities as His wife and queen: she is as yet a wanderer in a world of woe, a dweller in the tents of Kedar; but she is even now the bride, the spouse of Jesus, dear to His heart, precious in His sight, written on His hands, and united with His person.

On earth He exercises towards her all the affectionate offices of Husband. He makes rich provision for her wants, pays all her debts, allows her to assume His name, and to share in all His wealth. Nor will He ever act otherwise to her. The word divorce He will never mention, for “He hateth putting away.” Death must sever the conjugal tie between the most loving mortals, but it cannot divide the links of this immortal marriage.

In heaven they marry not, but are as the angels of God; yet there is this one marvellous exception to the rule, for in Heaven Christ and His Church shall celebrate their joyous nuptials. This affinity as it is more lasting, so is it more near than earthly wedlock. Let the love of husband be never so pure and fervent, it is but a faint picture of the flame which burns in the heart of Jesus. Passing all human union is that mystical cleaving unto the Church, for which Christ left His Father, and became one flesh with her.

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon



“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:7

Our Lord is intentional in His desire for a bride. What a glorious marriage life!

O, Glorious Divine Love!

Lyrics of Song on Video:

Since long before the world began,
In Your heart You longed for a Bride;
‘Tis mutual dwelling, Your glorious plan;
With me e’er to abide.

Not knowing Your heart,
I sinned and thus should die;
Yet You shed Your blood to set me free.
You gave me Your life, to me drew nigh;
Wondrous love! We two one forever will be.

O glorious divine love! How can I fathom,
Higher than the sky, deeper than the sea;
It crushes death’s pow’r and Satan’s kingdom;
Nothing can compare with Your love to me
So fervid and so deep, so gentle and so true;
I’m in love, Lord, with You.

I give You my heart, my life and my soul,
Come suffering or joy whatever betide.
By Your boundless grace, I’ll lay down my all
To build up Your church, Your glorious Bride;
Your heart to satisfy, mutual abode we’ll be
In eternity.

“I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.” Psalm 18:1


In His hands,
Ann Marie Moore

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