About Ann Marie Moore

Ann Marie Moore is a romance rescuer and writer encouraging women on their journey of faith in a world gone wild. She authors the Love's Weaving Hand (LWH) series currently with three published works and two in progress. Ann's hope is that this series will encourage every woman to know true love.

Ben Interview Voice of Deshí Wilson Book 3

Ben Thompson is the voice of Deshí Wilson in the upcoming radio drama of Book 3 No Greater Love.He is one of many Love's Weaving Hand series volunteers willing to see this project become a reality. The character Deshí Wilson is a native born islander of the Island Nation. Deshí is a professor in Constance [...]

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Kindle Book: Visualize Your Journey

Publish a Kindle book? The possibility of writing my thoughts in a book ran through my mind. It wasn't as if I hadn't written anything in the past. For ten years I had written in a personal blog. I had already worked as a freelance writer on travel sites. I had ghostwritten an ebook and [...]

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Four Impacting Reasons to Write Effectively

There is nothing more discouraging than to beat yourself over the head when you write. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Who cares anyway? Why should I waste my time? These and many questions can plague you and even hinder you from what you were called to do – you are a [...]

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Inspiration to Write – Steps to Success

Inspiration comes to those who have mastered the art of writing. It’s not something you wait to happen. Inspiration is something you make happen on demand and on your timetable. The Inspiration Scenario There you sit at your computer. You would think it to be writer’s delight, but instead, it has you paralyzed. You stare [...]

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How my Romance Writing Enhanced on Valentine’s Day

Romance writing took a whole new turn for me on Valentines day some years back. The words, "Be my Valentine," are both an invitation and a desire for those who would embrace love. Romance Writing Beginnings Romance writing was not something I ever thought I would ever endeavor in. But when my son entered college a [...]

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Creative Character Development

You live in some amazing days where creative character development is possible in a short amount of time. The internet has afforded such opportunities like never before. It can be daunting task to think up and develop a character when you are starting out. I am not much at describing people off the top of my [...]

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Lineage of Majesty

The lineage of majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ is one that will leave you awe struck. God leaves his imprint and brings Himself glory in mere names. Names have meanings. And our Lord took advantage of this to declare His glory. And in scripture these meaning comes to life as you trace our Lord lineage. I pray [...]

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Abigail Miller Song, There is a Gladness

There’s a gladness in surrender that is found no other way. There’s a joy in giving in, finally saying, “I’ll obey.” ~Abigail Miller song – There's a Gladness – album, Soldier On When I heard the words, There is a Gladness by Abigail Miller, they brought a holy hush to my soul. What beauty in [...]

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Why Creative Women Should Write

As a creative woman you have a story to tell, write and share. Have you been leaving your story in the confines of your notebooks, hard drive or mind? What purpose will it fulfill if no one reads it? Unearthing a Buried Talent It's true in order to write a story for others to read can [...]

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True Love a Reality for Every Woman

True love exist for the woman who desires to embrace it. The problem is not in finding such love but rather in being willing to sacrifice in order to attain it. Such a venture could be downright terrifying. Elise Burrows from Book 2 feared to venture at the possibility of loving a man, especially one she [...]

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