Rebecca Strickland is childish and carefree. At 21 years she is challenged by her cousin Seth to live a responsible life. When Rebecca’s mother is crippled in an accident, she seeks employment at the old mansion.

Alexander was once a wealthy, successful doctor—but when an accident marred his face, he lived a secluded life with his deaf servant in the old mansion.

The doctor’s plans collide with Rebecca’s playful air, balancing the otherwise gloomy mansion.  Rebecca desires to live a meaningful life, he desires her. She finds herself in an emotional web of her intended life’s purpose, torn by love.

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About the Book

Seal of Love is the fifth book of the Love’s Weaving Hand series books by Ann Marie Moore.


Author: Ann Marie Moore

Genre: Christian Romance

Publisher: Living Faith Publishing, LLC

Publication Year: December 25, 2021

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