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About the Love’s Weaving Hand series book – The King’s DaughterLWH series Book 1

Grace Allison led a content childhood with Nana Abigail in Brooks Village. She had an obscure past, and many rumored that she was an illegitimate child. This fueled her anger against one of the village boys. Eventually her anger turned to love for the handsome young man that captured her heart. When she discovers her actual identity, she must choose between her love or her destiny.

LWH series Book 1

The King’s Daughter is a reminder that despite your past, there is redemption for you.

Ann Marie Moore, author of Love’s Weaving Hand series and website where she inspires every woman to know true love. Ann encourages Christian women to have an intimate and vibrant relationship with God.

In addition, Ann teaches women authors to use their writing talents for the glory of God. Ann is a missionary, a wife of nearly two decades to the love of her life and mom of eight kiddos.

Discover how you can know true love. Each of the Love’s Weaving Hand books addresses different issues a woman faces when she is in search of true love. Journey through the stories of each of the LWH series women.

In this episode…

Grace and her Nana Abigail wanted a place to call home. Their destination, Brooks Village, a place nestled in a hidden valley in the southern mountains of the Island Nation. There was just one problem,  villagers are not found of strangers. Especially ones with an obscure past like theirs.

Hello, I’m Ann Marie Moore, author of Love’s Weaving Hand series books. I would like to welcome you to the LWH series, podcast. Here you could listen to the audio version of my books. It is my hope that this series will encourage every woman to know true love.

This is a nine  book series, and I will be your narrator for Book 1 – The King’s Daughter.

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