Writing LWH books is pretty exciting. I currently finished over ten chapters in Book 1 of Love’s Weaving Hand. They are still in the first rough draft.

Also, I edited chapters in Book 2. My children and I, are really into the book series for sure 🙂

Writing LWH Books with Kiddos

Writing books and including my children in the LWH series has been a lot of fun.

My girls are having loads of fun finding dress pattern ideas they think the characters would wear. They found a local seamstress who is willing to sew the dresses.

We have learned a lot about falling in a ravine, the long term effects of head injuries. Learned about possible outbreaks that could be used in the series to add a bit of a challenge. It also gives the character who are in love a chance to interact too.

My children have contributed various scene and character ideas. Some which are yet to be implemented in the near future. Others which have already been written in the rough draft of Book 2.

If you have children and enjoying writing you may consider having your children involved in your writing project.

Learning Fun with Children writing LWH series

Children learn fast when you include them in what you are doing. I believe that learning is teaching in action. That is to say, as I am teaching I am doing so out of a desire to learn myself. Kids enjoy the dynamics of your enthusiasm to learn and so they jump on the research before I do 🙂

My children have been involved in research in order to create believable scenes. We have been working on developing a legend of how the nation of small islands came into existence. We have been studying the potential dangers of volcanoes and what kinds of catastrophes it can create.

Our finding led us to Krakatoa. That was one massive and power catastrophic event.


Because Love’s Weaving Hand begins on my imaginary island I am curious to find information about underwater volcanoes being responsible for creating islands. Seems that science is too.


Become Like a little child. Involve your children in your writing or creative projects. Be a willing learner.


In His hands,

Ann Marie Moore