Why Creative Women Should Write

As a creative woman you have a story to tell, write and share. Have you been leaving your story in the confines of your notebooks, hard drive or mind? What purpose will it fulfill if no one reads it? Unearthing a Buried Talent It's true in order to write a story for others to read can [...]

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True Love a Reality for Every Woman

True love exist for the woman who desires to embrace it. The problem is not in finding such love but rather in being willing to sacrifice in order to attain it. Such a venture could be downright terrifying. Elise Burrows from Book 2 feared to venture at the possibility of loving a man, especially one she [...]

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Modesty the Naked Truth

Eve, was created by God and she had no clothes, how is that for modesty? The glory of our Lord was her clothing. God’s glory is what kept Eve and her husband from the stark naked reality of how indecent they were before the entire universe. But what happened? Sin. Adam and Eve’s rebellion to the [...]

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Writer’s Confession Made Public

This past week has been both physically challenging as I have been dealing with blood pressure issues. But it has also been blessing as writer.   Yes, I am writer :)   My Beginnings   It sure feels good to confess something our Lord has wanted me to endeavor in for many years. In all [...]

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Wives Empowered by Submission

The scripture exhorts wives to submit unto their own husbands and sometimes that is where the emphasis of the word ends. Let’s have a scripture look at what the Bible says,   “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5:22   I often hear “wives if you submit…” your husband can [...]

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Writing LWH Books with Kids

Writing LWH books is pretty exciting. I currently finished over ten chapters in Book 1 of Love's Weaving Hand. They are still in the first rough draft. Also, I edited chapters in Book 2. My children and I, are really into the book series for sure :) Writing LWH Books with Kiddos Writing books and [...]

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Purpose for Your Life in God

Having purpose in your life makes life worth living for. How many times have you viewed God as being out there in the cosmos somewhere? At a distance watching you. He is just a nice ideal. Yeah sure if you were into being religious maybe you could get into the whole God thing but you [...]

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Love’s Weaving Hand Series Introduction

I'm very excited at what our Lord plans with Love’s Weaving Hand series books. Lord willing, I will share in greater detail how the series came to be in Book 6 which I plan to write at a later date. In this post, I want to share my burden for LWH series. Meet the Author I [...]

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