Romance writing took a whole new turn for me on Valentines day some years back. The words, “Be my Valentine,” are both an invitation and a desire for those who would embrace love.

Romance Writing Beginnings

Romance writing was not something I ever thought I would ever endeavor in. But when my son entered college a whole new realm opened up and this mama was awaken. I saw how young lady’s sought the attention of my son as well as my own.Romance Writing - Be Mine Saith the LORD of hosts. Jewels for His Glory (see Malachi 3:17)

Flattering phrases like, “He like a big brother to me,” made my eyes narrow to see what was their real intent. His older sister said it best when a young lady told her that my son was a big brother to her.

“Get your own brother because he’s my brother.” It was a natural defense to warn these young lady’s 🙂

To a degree I understood why these young ladies vied for my son’s attention. It was natural to sense a common bond to a young man that reminded them of home. But it also raised interest in my son to consider a possible mate.

I began to analyze the situation closer. And I concluded the need to encourage young ladies to be truthful with themselves.

A Young Lady’s Perspective

When one of my best friends whose over 20 years younger than I, made the statement, “Just because we do something nice for guy doesn’t mean we like them,” caused my defenses as a mom of a young man to rise.

I challenged her. “How can a young man not think you show interest in him, especially when you single him out with your nice gestures?”

My friend took it to heart and later thanked me for the advise. It saved her the heart ache of turning away men who would have taken a greater interest in her.

From that moment on she and I conversed about different things related to the guy/girl issues. My friend became a spectator of the journey my son endeavored in finding his future wife. This served as a lesson to both of us. Me as a mom and for my friend as a young lady who would one day be married herself.

My friend’s personal input has encouraged my romance writing to point young ladies in the right direction.

On a Valentine’s Day when I wrote on my previous blog, Scripture Look, I shared one of my correspondence with other young ladies. It really made me think of the importance of encouraging single women. But I was equally encouraged as a married woman than no greater Valentine’s Day romance is that of our God.

You can read the article here on Scripture Look called: Valentine’s Day Romance

Real life has certainly enhanced my romance writing. And having a young lady as a close and dear friend has helped me understand some of the challenges young lady’s face.

Romance Writing Challenge

Whether you are writing a romance novel or a Valentine’s Day card make this Valentines a special one with words fitly spoken.

“And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” Malachi 3:17


In His hands,
Ann Marie Moore – Know True Love

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